SpagoBI improves public emergency medical services in the Emilia-Romagna region, Italy: read the story!



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The first technical manual of the SpagoBI 5 series is now available!

SpagoBI SUITE – Basic reporting & Data Exploration Tools provides a first introduction to reporting and data exploration with SpagoBI 5.

Starting with a step-by-step basic installation, you will learn all the fundamentals of the suite: connect to your datasources and perform your first query, manage and define users and roles, create your first analytical documents and organize them into folders and menus. more »

Watch the free webinar about SpagoBI 5.2 !

For a limited time, it is possible to watch the recorded version of the webinar performed by Stefano Scamuzzo, SpagoBI Ecosystem Manager. The webinar offers an overview of the SpagoBI suite and shows its functionalities through a real demonstration. more »

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